Studying abroad could be nerve-racking yet a pleasurable experience. Choose wisely and choose right! Collaborate and celebrate with Tush Educational ConsultsĀ and pave the way to a life where there is no looking back!

Globalization has turned the world that we inhabit into a global village. And one sector that has truly incorporated this phenomenon, more than anyone else, is education. Increasing number of students are now moving to foreign locations to pursue their higher studies from universities across the world. And thanks to post-liberalization policies, studying abroad is not as difficult as it used to be. However, the myriad options available in thousands of universities in different countries confuse students and parents more than ever. While there is an explosion of information, both through online and offline sources, comprehensive and seasoned analysis is required for finding the right course that suits your aptitude and career dream.

If your wish list has a degree from a foreign university, then look no further. Tush Educational Consults, an enterprise of Tush World Global, is going to be a reliable ally in this pursuit of yours. Tush Educational Consults is one of West Africaā€™s best study overseas consultants, abroad education consultants, foreign education consultants offering career advice services for students.

Tush Educational Consults has positively affected the career outcomes of innumerable aspirants and our ongoing relationship with our students has been a gratifying story of unparalleled success. We have placed hundreds of students in universities in the countries that we represent. You can also be a part of Tush Educational Consultā€™s success stories and add a new dimension to your career and life.


To provide a transparent and efficient service network to our clients and while doing so create a delightful environment for our teams to grow personally and professionally.


To help create an environment for students to improve in their educational journey.