Make all your dreams come true with Tush Educational Consults. We at TEC know what a stressful thing it can be to find the perfect university and we also understand the importance of choosing the right institute. At Tush Educational Consults, we work closely with students to understand their needs and find a college that is perfect for them. A good college focuses on holistic development and makes a student learn more than what’s there in the textbook. Choosing the right university can give you an experience of a lifetime and help you broaden your horizons. It’s almost impossible to find the right university for you without doing extensive research, the experts at Tush Educational Consults work throughout the year to do detailed research on universities and the courses offered by them and help students find the one that matches their requirements and expectations. We have a strong network of mentors and are well-connected with some of the top universities to study in the Benin Republic, We provide counselling to students to help them clear any doubts and inhibitions that they might have, so they have a clearer view of what they can expect and get out of studying in the Benin Republic.

Our list of universities in Benin Republic has some of the best student support systems and is amazing for international students. The multilingual country has people and students from around the world making the Benin Republic a home away from home for them. From providing guidance to helping the student fill their application forms, our industry experts guide the students every step of the way. We ensure that the process is smooth and hassle-free and that the experience is one of the best for the student.

Escae University, Cotonou

Iscom University, Cotonou

AUB University, Cotonou

Esae University, Cotonou

ESTG University, Cotonou

ESGT University, Cotonou

Espam University, Cotonou

Estam University, Cotonou

ESM University, Cotonou